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The Cars

Born in 1948 I grew up in the 50s and 60s. The youngest of four boys by seven, eight, and nine years.

So with each brother I shared their excitement of turning 16, getting their drivers license, learning to drive, getting their first car, and learning how to fix it.

During the next seven years of anticipation I developed a great love for everything automotive.

On my 16th birthday I got my drivers license and my very first car, a 1953 two-tone Chevy Bel Air. A gift from my father.

My love for cars was firmly cemented in place!!!

The Camera

When I was a kid the camera was a "Family Camera". You didn't load a roll of film, shoot it, develop it and enjoy the prints. The camera was loaded with a roll of film and when something happened that was worthy of a picture, the camera was brought out and just enough shots to record the event were made. The camera was then put away until the next special event. When the roll was full the film would be developed and we would relive those moments.

In 1957 when I was eight years old we moved from a suburb in Cincinnati Ohio to a rural area 20 miles east of the city. While unpacking one of the last boxes, my mother came upon a roll of exposed film. Expecting to find a treasure trove of family gems she rushed the film to our photo lab (drugstore). There were a couple of family photos but the rest were pictures I had taken of all the kids in the neighborhood!

See the slideshow below for my very earliest work. None of the shots were really action shots, I had actually posed all of the subjects (check out the second baseman with eyes toward the camera). So at age eight I was trying to be a director.

Then see final remarks below slideshow.

Photography was always too expensive for me to have as a hobby. I borrowed other people's cameras often enough to keep the fires burning. But then along came digital and gave me the opportunity to combine two of my passions.

Now at age 65, I am happily married to the love of my life Roberta, living in Fort Lauderdale, attending car shows with my camera and looking forward to retirement so I can do even more.

Thanks for stopping by!



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